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Integrative Wellness Psychiatry

A mind/body path to well-being

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The change of one simple behavior can affect other behaviors and thus change many things”

Jean Bear

The bottom line is that I am responsible for my own well-being, my own happiness. The choices and decisions I make regarding my life directly influence the quality of my days”

Kathleen Andrus





I am a board certified Nurse Practitioner in Adult Psychiatry and Family Medicine.


After becoming a nurse, I worked in Drug/Alcohol Detox, Urgent Care and in addition had my own practice assisting clients with different problems. Then I  continued my education to become a Nurse Practitioner in Medicine and Psychiatry. Over the course of my career, I have treated most psychiatric disorders in multiple settings, many sleep/wake disorders, pain conditions and substance use disorders.

I am most interested in treating anxiety, depression and substance abuse recovery and maintenance, plus I have a special interest in women’s safety issues. I am passionate about supporting, educating, empowering and advocating for my clients who are 18 years old and above.

I can provide medication if necessary, but do not prescribe medications such as stimulants, sedatives, sleep medications or any other controlled medications.

I reside in Maine. I offer tele-health visits, and may offer in-person visits in the future in Maine. I am licensed to practice in Maine, and am also licensed to  practice in Montana and Arizona.


According to the Oxford Dictionary, wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” Oxford  defines well-being as “general health and happiness, emotional / physical / psychological well-being.” The National Wellness Institute says there are six dimensional elements of well-being: Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Occupational, Social and Spiritual. I believe wellness / well-being is a balance of mental, physical and spiritual health and it can be impacted by any of these dimensions.


If you are ready to invest in getting well, I look forward to the possibility of being a part of your journey to well-being. Let's connect.



Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment

Sleep Disorders

Evaluation and treatment or referral for treatment

Medication Management
Substance Abuse Recovery and Maintenance
Weight problems, Women Safety Issues and other

This is only a partial list of my specialties. I welcome learning more about your individual needs and to explore how we might work together.

My Approach

My Approach

Physiological, psychological and spiritual health are all interconnected, so I believe in treating the entire person. To begin, there is an initial intake form to complete. This will be followed by discussing your individual needs and goals.

Get Started

If you are interested in starting treatment, please complete the Pre--Screen Form in Luminello by clicking Initial Assessment below.

After completing the Initial Assessment and if we move forward, please review my privacy policy. Before our first appointment, you will be provided further directions and paperwork that will need to be completed.

Privacy Policy

Laughter is one of the best medicines around for relieving stress and for creating a more healthy spirit. And, one of the greatest aspects is that it is totally free and can be done by anyone."

Bryon Pulsifer

We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that."

Ellen DeGeneres

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Getting Started
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Due to the complexities and time consuming nature of insurance, I am unable to accept any forms of insurance at this time. A Bill of Services can be provided.
  • Can we meet in person?
    At the moment, I am only practicing only telehealth.
  • Where are you licensed and where do you practice?
    I reside in Maine and am licensed to practice in Maine where I am only practicing telehealth. I am also licensed to practice in Montana and Arizona. If you reside in Montana or Arizona, I am happy to work with you via telehealth.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    This is my privacy policy. This PDF can be downloaded below
  • What do your credentials stand for?
    - Master of Science in Nursing - Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Family Nurse Practitioner - BC means Board Certified

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